23. Herman the German Friendship Cake – shhhh he’s only sleeping

I have never ever heard of such a cake until my friend Rebecca sent me a link to a recipe. However I have met a German by the name of Herman but that’s an entirely different story. Involving me winning the gold medal in the 2011 Garden Olympics taking the women’s record for in “The Hang” event. Who knew I could hang by my arms from a metal pole for over 2 minutes? Any ways I digress…

London 2012 here I come

So Herman the German is apparently a sourdough cake that you ‘start’ and tend to for about 10 days before dividing it up and giving 3 quarters away to your friends, along with a recipe so they can make their own Herman cake too, keeping one quarter for yourself.

*friends beware you may have a Herman the German cake heading your way very soon.

I couldn’t resist such a wonderful story and it fits with my whole international baking adventure so into my new Russian doll bowl its all gone this evening.

imageLets hope I don’t kill my new friend before he’s even started…

imageimageimageI’ll keep you posted on his progress! Click here for more…

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