Tea Heaven at Ringtons Tea Party

I LOVE tea. It goes with everything.  Good day? Celebrate with a cup of tea! Bad day? Consolations over a cup of tea. Cake? Best served with a cup of tea.

I’ve drank matcha green tea in a Japanese Tea Ceremony, tried iced matcha in a tea house, learned how to drink tea in China, drank milk tea in Hong Kong, Apple tea in Turkey and extremely sweet mint tea in Morocco.

If the kettle’s on I’m totally there.

So when I was invited to visit Ringtons HQ for a behind the scenes tea tasting and afternoon tea party, I jumped at the chance and took my 3 month old along too in our new rainbow ring sling.  I think he’s going to grow up to be quite the tea conniseur.

When I was little we always used to get our tea, caramel wafers and licorice allsorts delivered by the Ringtons man to our door. I love the heritage behind Ringtons and was fascinated to learn how it all began and how they choose the tea leaves to make their signature blends.

I had no idea Ringtons was almost called Tittingtons after the owners but the signwriter couldn’t squeeze it onto the side of the cart so Ringtons was a much better fit.

We had the opportunity to talk to the Ringtons Tea Taster who’s travelled the world tasting the best teas to bring them home to us. He can get through over 400 teas a day!

My favourites were the gorgeous white and green teas. Along with the Ringtons signature 1907 blend of proper tea. Perfect with my cream scone. https://instagram.com/p/63MwfILsK8/

We came away with lots of goodies to try at home too. Including a teafuser to brew loose leaf tea in.

The Rooibos and Earl Grey teas are a winner in our house. Which also worked exceedingly well with my seeded coconut banana cake too!

Can’t wait for the next Ringtons tea party soon and in the meantime I’m looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen!

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