Mint Madeleine Brownies – A Hummingbird Bakery Wedding Brownie Experiment


In the midst of baking a double batch of Humming Bakery Brownies for the wonderful wedding of Jill and Jonny I got a bit carried away. Desperate to use my new Madeleine pan and the rest of the eggs that I bought I conjured up a milk chocolate version of the classic Hummingbird Brownie .

I’m not entirely sure that a Madeleine pan is intended for Brownie usage however I can recommend giving it a good go! What is baking if not a bit of experimenting with unexpected cake shapes? If you’re looking for an odd adaptation of something special I’m your gal.

The original recipe and method can be found on my previous post for Jill and Jonny’s Wedding Brownies.

My little mint plant was looking at me from the window sill so I decided to grab as many leaves as possible, chop them up finely and throw them into the mix. I substituted the dark green and blacks chocolate for a good quality milk chocolate and omitted adding additional chocolate chips to give a smoother finish. An extra slosh of peppermint extract for good luck and I spooned the shiny mix into my pre greased Madeleine pan. Carefully filling the pan only 2 thirds full so to avoid overspill. The tray needed a good wipe too before heading into the oven due to a lot of Brownie dribbling all over.

The recipe was enough for 12 Madeleine and 12 cupcake brownies too! (I used a plastic freezer bag with the corner snipped off to pipe the mixture into cupcake cases, which was far less messy!)

I baked them for 15 to 20 minutes at 175 degrees, until the skewer comes out clean, et voila!

They had to cool completely in the pan before attempting to coax them out with a knife. Even then I had to bang the tray on the table a few times as a few were a bit overly attached to the pan. Some of the brownies left a little piece of themselves stuck to the pan but I don’t mind eating the holey brownies! The fully intact mint Madeleine brownies were then wrapped up and whisked away to join in the wedding day celebrations!


I love the shape and the gooeyness of these brownies. The milk chocolate means they’re much sweeter than the normal Hummingbird variety, so probably stick with dark chocolate if you prefer a richer flavour but add more mint! 🙂


I’m also entering my Mint Madeleine Brownies intothe April AlphaBakes Challenge. Under the letter ‘B’ for Brownies. 🙂 The challenge is hosted by The More Than Occasional Baker and Carolinemakes Hop on over to @Bakingaddicts and @Caroline_Makes blogs  for more information on the challenge and how you can take part too. 🙂

12 responses

  1. I liked your addition of fresh mint! I have tried orange and lemon peel, a recipe with earl gray is in the wait line. Now I will be adding choco+fresh mint 🙂

    • ooh I’m still yet to try any earl grey recipes, but I just got a Vintage Tea Party Cook Book and it has an Earl Grey chocolate truffle recipe with my name all over it. Hope you enjoy your chocolate and fresh mint combination! 🙂

  2. Well done for getting these entered into Alpha bakes, they make an excellent entry. I bet the addition of mint into a brownie is just amazing. Big fan of brownies in this house so will no doubt be trying this recipe. X

    • Thanks so much for letting me know about the Alphabakes Challenge! I hope you enjoy your mint chocolate brownies! I’d love to see photos when you make them 🙂 x ps. loving your blog too

  3. Thanks for entering these little beauties to AlphaBakes. Brownies in a madeleine pan? I’m all up for experimenting with baking. They look delicious!! I love mint and chocolate 🙂

    • Thanks very much and thank you for my entry into the alphabakes challenge! I do love a good baking experiment and the Madeleine shape. I’ve been hankering after a Madeleine pan for quite a long time. I thought I would treat myself as I was given some Lakeland vouchers. (favourite shop!) I think its going to be very well used!!!

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