Only 2 days to the Great North Run!


And I have ran more than 500 miles! (in training so far!)

Who would have thought that I would ever get this far after deciding late one night that it would be a sensible idea to sign up to run the Great North Run for Oxfam? Less than 5 months later and I’m counting down the final few days to the big race feeling a bit nervous and majorly impressed by the amount of support and advice that my family and friends have offered me. I just reached the astonishing £500 mark far surpassing my original £300 target!

It’s definitely been an adventure this half marathon training malrkey. Long gone are the days where I staggered to complete 3 miles and embarrassed to be seen running in public, I sprinted past anyone heading my way resulting in a hyperventilating and fushia coloured Lauren.


Our 10 Mile Jelly race! What a hot day! Only meet to run 3.1 more miles to make the Great North Run

I remember my first 6 mile race where I hadn’t actually done any real training or ran 3 miles without stopping. My pre race preparations involved adding an extra layer of make up, youknow in case the St John Ambulance crew had to pick me up off the roadside. At least they would think ‘well she looks alright, she made an effort.’ I have a feeling my  pre race ritual will be somewhat different on Sunday morning!

Now I have (somehow!) managed to run 10 miles without stopping in 1 hr 34mins!! I only had to pause once to pour water into my trainers to soothe my burning bones. It was a VERY hot day. I  even got a sun tan on my arms!

 The highlights of my training so far includes…
  • being the fittest I’ve ever been!
  • having abs without holding my breath in! (I can actually see them and they’re real!)
  • spending more time outdoors
  • enjoying the sunshine (and somehow I’ve also learnt to enjoy the rain even when torrential)
  • making new friends without who I would never have made it through those very necessary long training runs! I salute your route planning skills!! And thank you for your encouragement!!
  • challenging myself to go beyond what I thought I was capable of
  • pushing myself way way outside my comfort zone
  • seeing a difference in my legs too! They’re strong!
  • trying new complimentary exercise. Hot yoga!
  • exploring parts of England I would never normally see on foot
  • there’s something glorious about being the only one running through a woodland with the Sun light streaming through the trees and discovering a beautiful waterfall and squirrels running free
  • running by myself and learning to enjoy it
  • learning to regulate my breathing
  • being able to eat everything in sight!
  • using running to actually get to and from places much quicker than walking
  • image

    Running up THAT Hill!!

 What I’m looking forward to post GNR
  • resting!
  • sorting out the rest of our wedding (only 3 months to go!)
  • baking and decorating my 4 (or maybe 5) tiered wedding cake
  • not aching in various places
  • running the Edinburgh 10k!
  • no longer requiring blister plasters as part of my weekly shop
  • not spending the majority of my free time being hot and sweaty
  • wearing pretty clothes more often
  • getting showered at work
  • having more of a social life!
  • baking more aroundtheworldin80bakes experiments!

I’m counting down the hours now until the big race on Sunday and trying to remain calm! Here’s hoping for a good time! I will let you know how I get on!I’m aiming to get a hi five from Mo Farah who’s starting the race this year!


Some International tiered cake inspiration from Amsterdam

Thank you everyone for reading for for all the support so far. If you would like to sponsor me please visit my Just Giving Page 


My Oxfam Vest

8 responses

  1. Good luck with the Run!

    I picked up on your blog post on Sunderland Gingerbread when I was looking round the internet last week. I’m the writer/photographer/publisher of Dane Stone Cards, and I was so glad it went well! Thanks for the write up. I was planning to do a blog post to link into yours at – I’ll time it for after you’ve done the run.

    • Wow thanks so much Tess! What a fantastic blog too. Thank you so much for linking to my blog also. I would be really interested to see more of your recipes. I love your postcard and it is still adorning my fridge. In fact I must bake some more Sunderland Gingerbread again soon! 🙂 Maybe as a post run treat!

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